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A long vacation sounds like heaven, and the surprise legacy – a grand piano – ought to be the ideal opportunity for Jaya to introduce Silas and Tan to her Terran childhood home.
So why does she feel so frightened? 


She quickly learns her fears are far from imaginary. She and Silas must tackle the spectre of a long-hidden crime and confront both the murderer – and his victims!


Erich thinks he has found the ideal holiday job – checking over brand new engines. But that is just the bait: he, Sonshi and Mikhail find themselves crash-landed on a supposedly uninhabited planet, pursued by enemies – and hostile locals!


Meanwhile Phrys reluctantly turns secret agent – and becomes caught up in a web of violence and death that will haunt him forever.

CBC: Spectres

by JEC Hall

“[Spectres] takes us in a new direction for the principal characters, whilst introducing a new and refreshing cast of supporting characters … We see the continuing development of Silas and Wijaya as they embark on a highly personal voyage of discovery…, the comic adventures of Erich, Mikhail and Sonshi…, and the almost ‘Mr Bean’-like mission of the hapless Phrys … I loved it from start to finish, and hope the wait for the fourth volume isn’t too long!”




“Jaya and Silas, on a trip back to an old-style Earth community, contrasts nicely with the sci-fi elements of the book. I found this the best so far of all three reads.”





“…You can’t fail to enjoy this book. Spectres truly showcases JEC Hall’s skill at taking familiar concepts and giving them an alien twist, keeping you guessing, wondering, pondering and laughing… and looking forward to the fourth in the series!”

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