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Phrys is determined to make a clean break from CBC. But his new life quickly turns not just sour but downright dangerous when he is set up as the fall-guy in a get-rich-quick scheme. When he realises this scam will threaten the lives of hundreds of innocent beings, including his best friend Kentus and the girl they both love, he enlists Tan the guchi plant to help him foil the evil plot.


With Phrys and Tan hot on the villains’ trail, it falls to Erich and Mikhail to rescue Kentus and Erntilda from the perils of misguided missionaries, telepathic fish and a colossal tidal wave!


Meanwhile someone has stolen the GSA blueprints, putting Silas in danger again. When he, Jaya and Larry journey to Iqtaque to investigate, they are surprised to find their quest dovetailing with Phrys’s…

CBC: Inside

by JEC Hall


“The author continues to be a fantastic story teller … It is reassuring to find yourself back in the company of Silas, Jaya and the story’s other characters.”


“All the much-loved characters are back plus a few new ones, and the book rolls along with the beautiful mix of drama and belly laughs that have made this series so enjoyable…”


“A terrific action sci-fi story, entertaining all the way through. Real page-turner. Highly recommended.”

“A wonderful read! …another great addition to the CBC universe – I’ve grown attached to these characters and look forward to more adventures…”

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