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The Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Bloke


John Kendrick


Born in Aldershot and having lived around the country and abroad on various army camps, John Kendrick arrived in York in 1987 to work as a chef. Having fallen in love with the city, he has never left.


He now works in the public sector and has done for many more years than he wants to count.


He’s always loved the quirky, risqué and funny sides of life and, on reaching the age of forty, he decided that it was about time he put some of the stories he’s been part of, or heard, on paper rather than keeping them for the pub. 


John writes to make people smile and to remind people that you don’t always have to take life too seriously and that if something embarrassing has happened to you, somebody somewhere is probably relating the tale down the pub right now - or writing about it in a book! But, on the bright side, always remember, no matter how embarrassed you’ve ever been in your life, there’ll be somebody somewhere who’s been more embarrassed – and John Kendrick probably knows the tale!


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