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Donec Alius Diei


Laura Lamarca


Hailing from Preston Laura was fending for herself from the age of 16, homeless for a time until securing a YTS with the Lancashire Evening Post's sister newspaper, where she became a trainee Admin Assistant.  She moved to Nottingham in 1994, had 3 children and changed her name by deed poll to her grandfather's.  She married in 2003, retaining her surname and joined Allpoetry that year where she began both learning the art of and teaching Form and Free Verse poetry, creating eighteen new modern forms including Licentia and La Charta.


After her husband Paul's death in 2004 she began writing "serious" poetry.  She says her poetry "is a journey of personal growth constantly expanding which I read out loud because it's the voice society doesn't allow me to have...a voice I gladly lend to others".  Her internet pupils range from Africa to both Americas, Asia and Jamaica.  Laura particularly enjoys writing for charity based projects.


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