Because of the current global pandemic we have taken the decision to postpone the launch of these titles until later in 2021. I hope you can understand this decision given the current situation. Thank you to everyone who has sent in either poems, prose or drawings for these projects.


Headspace: Mental Health and the Creative Mind

For the written anthology, we would like to hear how you use the creative arts, either as a form of escapism or as a way to cope with mental health problems. Does having a creative mind help or hinder you? Tell us of your experiences, and by doing so we can keep the conversation going about mental health and the ways in which people cope.

Submissions for the anthology can be in any form: essays, poems, short stories, whichever way you feel would best express your thoughts. While submissions should address links between art and mental health in some way, this does not have to be transparent, and we welcome creativity. A maximum count of 5,000 words per submission applies. Multiple submissions from each contributor are accepted.

Colours of the Mind 



The second book is an adult colouring book comprising artwork by people who live with mental health issues. The subject matter can be anything you wish, whatever you feel would best represent your appreciation for or dependence on art as an escape or coping mechanism. It can either depict what it feels like to live with a mental health condition or a piece of artwork that just helps you from day to day. 

Our in-house graphics designer will transform your artwork into colouring pages so that others can enjoy the creative and therapeutic process often gained from adult colouring books.

All proceeds from both books will be donated to mental health charity Mind.
Please note that neither of the aforementioned books are affiliated with MIND. Written submissions and artwork are compiled independently, and the published books will not reflect the values or opinions of Mind.