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No Second Glance

by Terrisa Kruger


At the age of twenty three, Katie Samuels was sentenced to rebuild her life in a psychiatric hospital after the killings of five males and one count of arson. Seven years later, although it was never proven, a new identity was given to this touched women. Now she must learn to accept her new identity with the help of Dr. Finley Christophe, who also harbours his own demons. Lilly Mathews is born but her past soon starts to creep its way back into her new life. Now it’s time to catch the real killer, before they strike again.


This book was great, it had enough creepiness to keep you in suspense and turning the pages to read more. Can't wait for the sequel.




Couldn't put it down, constantly leaves you needing to know more! Can't wait for the sequel! Highly recommend this book.




You definitely don't need a 'second glance' to totally fall in love with this book. You know sometimes when you have read a book and it doesn't really captivate you until you re-read it..... I was hooked on this after the first chapter!! If you love books that make you feel like you are part of their world, you feel like you know the characters personally and crave unexpected twists and turns then this book offers this and so much more. A young woman's quest for truth, love, forgiveness, hope and clarity can only be accomplished by facing the daemons that haunt her so badly. She is desperate to seek the truth, to get answers. Plant the seed of doubt in ones own mind and you begin to question all that you believe in. How can you trust anyone if you can't trust yourself anymore? How do you distinguish reality from fiction? Is life and the people your are entwined with all as it seems to be,do you really know that person as well as you believe you do? Having to create an alternate identity is hard enough but when you can no longer remember your old self.... Who are you really? This book is a fantastic read. I really hope there will be a second!!


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