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Rick Jones


Rick Jones is a former Play School presenter who is fondly remembered as "Yoffy" the star of the classic BBC Kids TV programme Fingerbobs.


After Fingerbobs, Canadian born Rick went on to have success as a musician fronting the British country rock band, Meal Ticket. The song "Better Believe it Babe" featured as the theme for the BBC television Play for Today episode entitled "The Flipside of Dominick Hide". He also performed and composed the theme tune for the children's TV show "The Aeronauts" and in 2008 he wrote and recorded the album "Life Drawing" alongside his wife and mutual muse Valerie.


Rick has also written six musicals, three of which have made it to the stage. He wrote and appeared in the musical Flash Fearless vs The Zzorgwomen in Los Angeles and, in a collaboration with Roger Penycate, created and staged "Laughing Daughter" a musical based on the songs and lyrics of Meal Ticket written by Rick and Dave Pierce, which undertook a three week run at the Indian Head Center for the Arts, Southern Maryland, United States in 2009. Capt. Crash vs The Zzorgwomen opened in New York on June 28th and is slated for a larger theatre later in the year.


With a few more projects in the pipeline Rick still has more stories to tell.


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