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The Best Doctor Who Poems in the Universe

compiled by Garry Vaux


Yes, you heard it right!


A unique collection of prime poetry and amazing artwork by fans of the popular long running sci-fi drama that is Doctor Who.


Fans from around the globe have submitted poems about the Doctor, the Master, Cybermen, Sarah Jane, Donna, K9, Rose as well as what it's like being a Doctor Who fan – and not forgetting the brave souls who were challenged to give Raxacoricofallapatorius a mention!


So vent the Thermo-buffer, floor the Helmick Regulator and dive headlong into this wonderful collection of Doctor Who poetry.

A must for any Who collection.

"I've now read the book (twice) and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the selection, especially The Touch of the Mara, Dr Who and the Motorway of Time and The Watcher. Everyone who contributed obviously loves the show in all its many forms and could see all sorts of depths to draw from. It's a brilliant idea and I hope plenty of fans discover the book and enjoy it as much as I did." 


“I love Doctor Who with all my heart, I'm a whovian 100%! The poems are great, this book should be recommended to every whovian on Earth!”

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