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Amy McLean


To echo the words of Romantic poet Lord Byron, ‘If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.’

This is the quote by which Amy McLean abides. Although she spent her childhood scribbling out short stories, it wasn’t until she began studying English Literature at the University of Sunderland that she realised her dependence on writing. In 2014 she graduated with a first-class degree and a published dissertation about Lord Byron.

Death and mental health are common themes in Amy’s writing, both of which she loves to explore in many different approaches. Over the years, her work has frequently called upon parallel timelines between past and present, heaven and earth.

Spending her childhood between her Aberdeen birth town and the North East of England, Amy developed a taste for travel at a young age. She now lives with Medora the cat in Hampstead, London, where she watches too many Tim Burton films, reads too many crime novels, and spends too much time on YouTube.


Amy's Other Titles


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