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Time Kittens

by Rick Jones


Aimed at young teens, Time Kittens is a charming and magical tale of high-tech gizmos, time travel and cat poo!


Searching for a litter bin large enough to cope with their two new kittens’ faecal output, Dexter and Joan stumble upon a pet shop they’d never noticed in their neighbourhood before. The strangely cat-like proprietor, a Mr. Snagworth persuades Joan to buy a VERY modern looking cat-loo, and gives Dexter a freebie – something called the Weaver’s Groombot. What happens when the pussy cats first venture into the futuristic bin will change the very staid Joan and Dexter’s small town lives forever.


Who is the mysterious Mr. Snagworth? What secrets does the "Groombot" hold? and who is the 16th century Princess with a nasty, evil brother?

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