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Treasure of the Old Dwarves' Mine

Treasure of the Old Dwarves' Mine

by Steven Roy Evans


Billy Gambon – a Victorian street urchin.

Penelope Bridges – a posh and somewhat snobby girl of the 1950s.

David Maxwell – a cocky kid from 2021.

Together they are the Travellers Three.

Young people from different times living different lives, drawn together by a shared flaw in their characters – a streak of dishonesty

It is this blemish in their personalities that makes them invaluable to the plots and schemes of Malvonia, exiled Queen of the Witches of Maladorn and would-be conqueror of The Fairmeadows, that ancient realm of magic and adventure which lies beyond the Veil Between the Worlds.

Drawn together by Malvonia’s powerful sorcery, Billy, Penny and David must undertake a perilous journey to find the long-lost treasure of the Old Dwarves’ Mine. They encounter terrifying dangers and enemies along the way, and make friends with creatures out of legend: the Elven Prince Alaric and Princess Lilliarna, the fae-girl Morningstar, Benjamin Beantree, a brownie, and Ballimore Thicketgrass, a woodwidgit. Only with their courage and aid can the Travellers Three hope to succeed in their quest.

If they fail the Fairmeadows will fall into the clutches of the malevolent Witch-Queen and after that, the Earth itself.

Treasure of the Old Dwarves’ Mine is the first volume of the Chronicles of the Fairmeadows.

Are you ready to challenge the forces of evil?

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