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Shadows of the Mind

by Steven Roy Evans




Idyllic and fresh, a planet on the brink of colonisation, home to a group of scientists who experience a shattering disaster.


When her mother dies in a tragic accident, Kerri Konstantin believes her life had touched its lowest depths. But journeying to Sanctuary with her father, Kerri encounters Jannis, a young girl at the heart of the mystery surrounding Sanctuary, and the possessor of a dark and dreadful secret.


What should have been a new start for Kerri and her father becomes a desperate struggle for survival, pitting her against the one enemy no one could have foreseen…

Cambridge News Coverage
Nightmare House Volume 3

"I believe "Shadows of the Mind", although aimed at young adults, will enthral readers of all ages because, in the tradition of great science fiction, it reframes our own problems on exotic canvasses so that we finish it with new perspectives on the world around us here and now."




"Shadows of The Mind, the acclaimed new science fiction novel by outstanding wordsmith, Steven Roy Evans, stays on the mind of the reader long after the final page. Although aimed at young adults, readers of all ages will find themselves drawn to Kerri Konstantin and completely immersed in her unfolding story. But this book is not just an intriguing mystery or a sci-fi adventure. The setting might be another time and another place but you will recognise and empathise with the deep emotions, sensitivities and humour that craftsman, Steven Roy Evans, draws out of his characters. You will enjoy Evans's convincing style and witty turn of phrase and, best of all, you will feel as if you've been there with Kerri."

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