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Nightmare House V.3


by Steven Roy Evans


The stuff of nightmares …


Where do they go, those dreams that plunder the deep recesses of the human psyche?  Having wreaked their torment on our sleeping minds as we toss and turn amongst damp, fear-soaked sheets, do they sink once more into the lightless ooze of our subconscious, resting and biding their time until we again close our eyes in sleep and lower the barriers that shield us from their predatory grasp?  


Or do they slip away at dawn’s arrival to drift like early morning mist on the currents of tired thoughts and unfulfilled aspirations, aimlessly searching for a new home in which to lodge themselves and brood anew?


Nightmare House, where all the evil phantasms of the sleep-drugged mind go to rest.


Nightmare House, with a thousand stories to share of the follies and greed and madness born of the human soul.


Welcome to Nightmare House, if you dare to sip of its secrets and taste the anguish of the damned.


Welcome – to your worst nightmare ...

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