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The Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Bloke

by John Kendrick


This wonderful collection of true stories are from the lives of an ordinary bloke, his family and his friends. The sort of tales you'd tell down the pub;  like his future wife's ordeal on breaking his parents' toilet the day she was introduced to them, the hearse carrying his Grandfather's body to the crematorium catching fire, the old 'pull my finger' trick backfiring on his children, the stranger who intervened to stop his eldest son's tantrum in the strangest way, the shameful truth about his dad's crooked nose, the covert SAS mission in Northern Ireland that was sabotaged by his mate's hapless attempt at guard duty, the brutal embarrassment of a colleague in front of an international film star, the awkward situations created by his kids' innocent remarks, the lighter side of medical procedures and why you should never put a dressing table in front of a window - nor sit on the toilet for too long! Male or female, these real life stories are sure to put a smile on your face.

"What is story telling for, if not fun and companionship? John Kendrick's has a fine eye for detail, which lends a genuine warmth to his words. Recommended." 

- Russ Litten (author of 'Scream if want to go faster')


“Have to say it's funny as hell! I think I've been in some of those situations, it was like having the author sat beside you in the pub just talking about his life - says it how it is.”


“Best thing I have read for years, side splitting stuff, some of which I witnessed!”


“Our lass just read your book. She said it was really good. Nice and easy to read. Funny stories that make you say ‘Oh my God’ and laugh because you know it’s true.”


“Read your book this morning in my hospital bed, a day after my shoulder surgery. I was in pain from laughing too much. Good enjoyable read.”


"Very funny stories some very cringe worthy, did just what the book said. Made me Smile!"


"This book is a brilliant collection of amusing tales. The author is a skilled story-teller who clearly wants to share things that has tickled him over the years. I'm also impressed with the warmth he appears to show to the leading ladies in his life, proving that he is indeed an Extraordinary Bloke, not just Ordinary. A well written piece. Well done."

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