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Warriors of the Mind

by Steven Roy Evans


Pesh’kal Miniar…


Several years following the tragic events on Sanctuary, Kerri Konstantin receives an invitation from old friends, Rick and Abigail, to visit them on the water-world of the Tu’Pesh and the Pesh’an-waal, aquatic beings affiliated to the Terran Confederacy.


Anticipating an idyllic vacation, Kerri soon finds herself embroiled in political and cultural intrigue, with mystery swiftly piling upon mystery.


What is the truth surrounding Biomech Maisy? What is the secret harboured by Star Guard lieutenant, Zak Daystrom?  Moreover, how can Kerri come to terms with a ghost from her past, a ghost that had once held her life in the balance?


Time was running out for the humans on Pesh’kal Miniar.If Kerri failed to undercover the truth, nothing would save her friends from disaster… 

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Nightmare House Volume 3
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