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Inner Giving for Positive Living

by Garry Vaux

Inner Giving for Positive Living is a timeless new book designed to not only offer you some positive thoughts, but encourages you to take some time out to reflect and adopt a positive perspective in a difficult world. 

The book, by illustrator Garry Vaux, is suitable for all ages and includes illustrated quotes, positive affirmations and includes puzzles and several tasks to accomplish to boost your self esteem. Designed entirely in monochrome it also has a colouring page at the end so you can add your own splash of colour.

“I love it, it is really something special. I am totally in love with your wee creature and the words.”

Fiona Hunter

“This lovely little book feels like a giant warm hug whilst sat beside a roaring fire drinking hot chocolate. No matter what age you are there will be something that makes you feel warm from the inside out. Positive and intuitive reminders about the balance in the universe and how to let your light shine out the darkness. A lovely thing to give to someone to make them smile, and they will smile. Beautiful.”

Felicity Marfe

“I read this book with my daughter and we both loved it, making it a great book for different generations to share. It is a book that makes you feel happy.  I love the positive quotes and the activities that encourage you to reflect on your feelings and achievements.  A great book to encourage you to look on the bright side of life.  We all need some positivity in our life especially during the current climate and this book will definitely bring a smile to your face.  We especially loved the black and white illustrations and the super cute little character bringing joy to each page.” Helen and Becca Dewhurst, mum and daughter

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