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In a peaceful thicket of Hampstead Heath, a recently bequeathed house awaits a new family. For Amber Quigley, however, there is no babe in the cradle.


She is incomplete without a child to nest with in her ancestral home. Rocked by the perils of her tormented mind, Amber promises to herself that she will find a child of her own to love.


Whatever it takes, no matter how daunting, she is determined to fill her rocking arms with her own baby. As she plots to find the family she craves, Amber vows to fight against any obstacles that barricade her from her child, no matter how many lives she may destroy along the way...

We Are Lucifer

by Amy McLean

"I genuinely didn’t predict the outcome,
which is a rarity for books like these."

"a slightly darker take on the thrillers that are still storming up the bestseller list."

"I found it impossible to put down! I had to race to the end to find out the fates of all involved! Very enjoyable!!"

"I loved it! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good psychological thriller!"

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