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“Howdy-doody, all you good folks out there in Radioland! Listen up for the first exciting instalment of ‘CBC Against the Forces of Evil!’”


A fringe freight run, dull as nutrisoup, and the cargoes just weren’t working out. The wrecked survey ship should havebeen clear profit, but all Erich netted was a lone survivor– an unusual empath with amnesia and a passion for music. Erich’s imagination makes him a secret agent chasing a dangerous smuggler.


Sometimes fantasy can become reality…


Jaya knew her brother wasn’t to be trusted. But she was busy hunting the sole surviving Galactic Special Agent… until her brief meeting with Silas turns both their lives upside down. It will take all their courage, loyalty and ingenuity to give their love – and Erich’s band – a chance.


“Will CBC’s first hit song be their last? Tune in to find out!”

Listen to an excerpt

CBC: If One Survives

by JEC Hall

“I really enjoyed this book, a wonderful mix of sci-fi, mystery, music and a touch of romance too. Very believable characters. Looking forward to the sequel.”




“What makes JEC Hall so readable is the gripping story that she tells with such wit, warmth and style, packed with characters who are so real you know you are going to miss them when you reach the last page…”




“…Hall reveals in the book’s initial odyssey the skill of a Graham Green or a John le Carré … ‘If One Survives’ is more than space opera … Hall inhabits each of the characters in turn and gives them their own voices, fears and dreams. The result is action, romance, laughter and tears … I thoroughly enjoyed ‘If One Survives’ and didn’t want it to end. You don’t need to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy it, you just need to be prepared for a great read…”

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