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by Jada Brookes


In a world where even a minute of change could alter the course of man’s destiny, can the earth still survive the controversy? On a day when the global market and monetary values across the world suddenly disintegrates to nothing, can a solution arise out of chaos?


One man claims he has the remedy to bring mankind back from the brink of destruction. Carlos Betzer, political candidate for the European presidency believes he can change the world for the better. But who is he? Where did he come from? What is his solution and how will he convince the world that it will work? No one knows.


But one person believes she has the answer. Through centuries and centuries of tracking his footsteps from the garden to present day, Vicinity believes she knows his true identity and will fight to the death to expose his true intentions.

Looked forward to bedtimes when I read it daily......intruiging and thought-provoking. A very good read. Well done Jada, please write a sequel!

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