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Nightmare House V.2


by Steven Roy Evans


The stuff of nightmares …


Where do they go, those dreams that plunder the deep recesses of the human psyche?  Having wreaked their torment on our sleeping minds as we toss and turn amongst damp, fear-soaked sheets, do they sink once more into the lightless ooze of our subconscious, resting and biding their time until we again close our eyes in sleep and lower the barriers that shield us from their predatory grasp?  


Or do they slip away at dawn’s arrival to drift like early morning mist on the currents of tired thoughts and unfulfilled aspirations, aimlessly searching for a new home in which to lodge themselves and brood anew?


Nightmare House, where all the evil phantasms of the sleep-drugged mind go to rest.


Nightmare House, with a thousand stories to share of the follies and greed and madness born of the human soul.


Welcome to Nightmare House, if you dare to sip of its secrets and taste the anguish of the damned.


Welcome – to your worst nightmare ...

Listen to an excerpt

"Have you ever woken from a bad dream and not been able to grasp exactly what was troubling you? If you read Volume 2 of Steven Roy Evans' Nightmare House, you might start to remember. A volume of short stories is always useful because you can easily read a story in one sitting and then you'll want to read just one more. It would certainly be a shame to put any of these tales down too soon. Each of the five stories is quite different to the others but, despite the scary themes that emerge, the author's down to earth wit and warmth seeps into every page as his tales unfold and you find yourself empathising with the plight of the main characters. The stories begin gently, but the reader shouldn't be deceived - these tales really are 'the stuff of nightmares' and you will never be able to guess the ending until you reach it. This second volume was well worth waiting for and I hope that other readers enjoy it as much as I did. The drawback? I now have to wait for Volume 3."




"Nightmare House vol. 2 really demonstrates Steven Roy Evans's skills as an accomplished short-story writer. This book contains five stories, ranging from a charming tale of the supernatural set during the darkest days of World War 2 to a clever modern twist on an old legend. Once again I found I couldn't put the book down until I'd finished each story, and then they stayed with me long afterwards, to the extent that two of them even gave me nightmares! They keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing, anticipating and dreading, right to the last page. This is a superb book, varied and thought provoking, and I hope there's more to come."

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