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Raiders of the Mind

by Steven Roy Evans



Sanctuary… where Kerri Konstantin first crossed paths with the esper girl, Jannis Porter.

Pesh’kal Miniar… where Kerri and Jannis reunited to face the threat of the Tu’Pesh and Pesh’an-waal, only to be sundered by what appeared to be Jannis’ ‘second’ death.

Now Kerri, an active esper herself, thanks to the psychic gifts Jannis had bestowed upon her – gifts that would make her invaluable to Zak Daystrom of the Star Guard – becomes embroiled in galactic politics whilst on a ‘quest’ of her own to find the remaining traces of Jannis, her ‘mind-sister’, that she knows must be lodged somewhere inside her own psionically enhanced mind.

It is a quest that takes Kerri further into space than she has ever been before:  to New Earth, Grindal V, Henson’s Folly, and, finally, the mysterious homeworld of a race never encountered before.  A race in thrall to alien aggressors from an unknown point in the galaxy; a race possessing the power to destroy worlds.

It is Kerri’s search for Jannis that takes her into psychic realms she could never have dreamed of.  A rollercoaster ride through space, time and a psychic landscape beyond human understanding.

A journey that swept her into conflict with the Raiders of the Mind,
and to the very brink of her own demise…

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