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The Doctor & I

compiled by


Featuring an exclusive foreword by award-winning writer Richard Curtis


‘The Doctor & I' is a heartwarming celebration of Doctor Who and its accompanying fandom, the Whovians. Compiled by popular Doctor Who fansite, the book brings together over 80 memoirs and accounts from fans young and old who have been personally impacted and inspired by the series over the last 50 years.


With contributions from all over the world, ‘The Doctor & I' is the perfect souvenir for fans to cherish from the  momentous 50th anniversary year.


We've all got a 'Doctor & I' story. It's time to read yours.

"If you are a fan of doctor who, then you will love this. With a passage written by richard curtis; the doctor and i gives insight to whovians (around the world and of all ages), how they became fans of the show, who their favourite doctors are and why they love the show. Highly recommend to all whovians."




"Brilliant idea to get people to write of their individual experiences of following the Dr Who series - some from the onset others just recently. Will bring back many memories for those of us who love Dr Who!"

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