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“What if…?” What if every decision we have to make creates multiple universes? “Nonsense! Anyway, we’re stuck here living this life.”
But are we?


What if…? Someone is misusing the uhrt. But when a Mrayton from Silas’s past turns up seeking help, Silas instead finds himself investigating the theft of a necklace – and the significance of its stone beads. Mere myth and legend – until Jaya and Erich come across a Mernginian monolith in a freight warehouse, surrounded by beads – and their freighting rivals shifting merchandise from planet to planet in a nanosecond.


When Silas and Phrys risk their reputations to helpa Bureau agent – is he really Max’s estranged son? – they uncover the way into a series of dangerousand fleeting universes which they and other membersof CBC must risk their lives to venture into tofind their friends, protect six threatened planets,and answer some personal questions – and time is running out.

CBC: "What if...?" Universe

by JEC Hall

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