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The Naked Doctor

by Dr. Evadne Hinge
as told to George Logan


At last Doctor Evadne Hinge emerges from the shadow of her former colleague and oldest friend, world-renowned soprano Dame Hilda Bracket, to tell her own story. And it's not the story you might imagine. Against a lovingly-drawn background of music and theatre, Doctor Hinge speaks frankly about her personal life. Her student days and her first love; her friendships with the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright criminal; the men in her life – and there have been a few; and her troubles with her unusual family – whose hobbies, she tells us, include murder, blackmail, drug abuse, adultery and other less light-hearted pastimes.


After the death of Dame Hilda in 2002, Doctor Hinge agreed to speak at some length about her life to her close friend, George Logan. She stipulated that these reminiscences, recorded on tape, should remain unpublished until after her death. However, since it appears that that event is yet some way off – the Doctor is now a robust ninety-four – she has finally agreed to their wider dissemination.


This volume covers the years from her birth in 1920, to 1938. A subsequent memoir describing her experiences during World War II and her first years in partnership with Dame Hilda is in preparation.


The Stackton Bugle: Indecent Exposure

“Doctor Hinge chats about her early life. You will be anticipating Mozart and Beethoven– but instead you will get Murder and Blackmail. There’s not much Schubert and Liszt – but there’slots of Sex and Lies. No Tchaikovsky – but Titillation aplenty. A truly shocking book in this day and age. I couldn’t put it down, myself. ”

Joan Shanks, your roving reporter.


The Suffolk Forum: Fifty Shades of Evadne

“The Doctor is naked, and it is a glorious sight. The lady gives us a no-holds barred account of her astonishing growth to maturity, warts and all. At last we get the truth behind the unsavoury rumours that have long circulated concerning the Doctor’s undocumented years in the Variety Theatre. She speaks frankly about her family, in particular about her unscrupulous and conniving mother. And we discover that, under the bustière of the demure and decorous lady we all know and admire, there beats the heart of a fiery and passionate woman. To be read after lights-out, and definitely not for the faint-hearted.”

Gilbert Filbert.


‘St Oswald’s on the Tressel’ Parish Magazine:
Evadne Unhinged

“Well, it’s no more than I expected, really, always thought there was more to that lady than thereappeared to be. A good read, but keep it away from the children, and have the asbestos gloves handy.” 

The Reverend Donald Smollet.

"One of the most amusing books I have ever read. It is an insight into the early life of the dear Dr.Evadne Hinge and it is quite an unexpected revelation. The writing is exceptionally professional and shows a skill on a par with the Doctor's musical talents. I would recommend this book to anyone who has and enjoys a droll sense of humour."




"Who would have guessed that the little old lady behind the keyboard had kept such an exciting story secret for so many years? Surely George's writing skills are on a par with Hinge and Bracket's musical excellence. Be warned - reading this book will leave you wanting more."





"Well, what a revelation this book is! It proves beyond doubt that Dr Evadne Hinge is not the prudish, innocent spinster that Dame Hilda always suggested, but had a very full and eventful youth - and was not short of male admirers either. And at long last we know the reasons why she had such a difficult relationship with her mother. The book is beautifully written, as one would expect from the talented Mr George Logan, and is so incredibly detailed that he clearly knows Dr Hinge intimately and has meticulously researched the era that this book covers.
I have to confess that initially I felt a little disappointed that the book only goes up to 1938, but it is so skillfully written that once I began reading it, I couldn't put it down. As Dame Hilda Bracket once said, "Start on a high note and leave them wanting!" and this book certainly does that. I can't wait for the sequel. Any fans of the legendary Hinge & Bracket will love this book."

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