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“Calling all CBC fans! Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for – Part 2 of ‘CBC Against the Forces of Evil!’”


A Bureau agent, on his way to meet Silas, ambushed and murdered; poisoned drinks at CBC’s anniversary party; bombs aboard the Pollyanna…


It has been a magically successful year. But now it looks as if Silas’s past has caught up with CBC once more – or is this a new and far deadlier threat with a different target? Either way, when the band embark on their first major tour, Jaya, Silas, Erich and Phrys vow not to return until they have finally defeated the opposition – if the opposition doesn’t destroy them first!


“Will this be CBC’s farewell tour? Tune in to Radio Voice of the Galaxy tonight to find out, folks!”

“ excellent read, ideal for anyone with the slightest interest in sci-fi or action adventures. A strong story-line drives the plot along at a cracking rate and the depiction of alien life and other worlds is so well developed you can almost believe it’s real. This is a real page-turner of a book, a great read.”




“…the character development of all the central players continues apace, with the action shifting from the Galactic Capital to new worlds and peoples. Secondary characters are given more prominence and room to develop, and the sharp wit and humour that enhance Book One is back in force…”




“...The main players, so real and believable, are waiting for the reader to join them on their next tour…”




“…I think any fan of early Star Trek would enjoy this.”


CBC: Day of Reckoning

by JEC Hall

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