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Get your very own signed & dedicated book by Shaine Singer

"Absolutely love Shaine! Loved his poetry and when I found out he had his own books I bought all three. The girl with the green eyes has got to be my fave."

"A delightful book of simply wonderful little poems that clearly come straight from the great big heart of this true English gentleman. If you were one of the millions who fell in love with Shaine on The Undateables, then you'll adore his refreshingly honest poetry. It put a smile on my face as soon as I opened it."



"This is a super book,written from the heart.Shaine has overcome so much to get here. Worth buying if you enjoy modern poetry."




"A great little volume of heart warming poems, a little delight on every page, Shaine's personality shines through in this book, the perfect read with a cosy cup of tea and a cake, it made me smile quite a lot, thanks Shaine."

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