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Steven Roy Evans


Steven Roy Evans, born 1st February 1953 in Nottingham, acquired a taste for science fiction at an early age thanks to (for those days) a rather progressive secondary school English teacher's foresight in running a weekly reading class.


“Along with Gerald Durrell and Edgar Allen Poe, I discovered the wonders of 'futuristic speculation' at the hands of HG Wells, AC Clarke and Robert Heinlein. From early years of fan fiction in the Dr Who Appreciation Society to winning short story competitions in Xeros magazine, creative writing has always been a major pastime, culminating in my first young adults' novel, Shadows of the Mind.”


Married to fellow novelist, JEC Hall, Steve lives in Cambridge and works at Girton College. His interests include the theatre, music, travel, reading old stuff no longer in print and following the movie adventures of his favourite boyhood comic book superheroes!


Treasure of the Old Dwarves' Mine


Shadows of the Mind


Warriors of the Mind


Nightmare House Volume 1


Nightmare House Volume 2


Nightmare House Vol 3


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